About Us

Suncity Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd; is a Destination Management Company, established in December 2010 by three dedicated people who have more than 30 years experience between them determined to make a difference. The company is registered to operate business in Sri Lanka and holds the Sri Lankan Tourist Board license (registration number: TS/ TA/ 1319).

As our key business activities, we handle inbound and out bound tour operations as well as national and international event management. We offer a variety of tour styles to suit a wide range of travelers. Whether you want an in-depth adventure across the continents or a hop-on hop-off city sightseeing tour, we have the perfect tour for you. As a part of today's tourism world we provide insider access, learn and understand your desires and personality, and are there for you 24/7, before, during, and after your trip.

To stay competitive in the age of Trip Advisor, Suncity Travels and Tours, as a major player appeals to even the more tech-savvy clientele by offering what no online service can replicate: Personalization. We can offer options (coveted dinner reservations; last-minute romantic surprises) and handle potential mishaps (a missed flight; a dark hotel room; a hurricane; a medical emergency)—services that are well worth the planning fees.

And the advocacy on your behalf doesn't stop there, because the best agents know their beats. Whether it's an island trip of the Pearl of the Indian Ocean or culinary travel, we are already out there, scouting that emerging destination, testing the beds in a new hotel, or vetting a local outfitter. Everyone who has being offered such services have always turned around towards us to plan their next trip ahead. Such promising clients have been one of the great pillars of our success.

As far as outbound tours, we have collaboration with tour operators from around the world and are expanding our spread by the day.

Our staff work towards initiating strong business relationships with all active local and international organizations and agents involved in the tourism activities. Every member of this industry has attained the best businesses offered by us, enabling us to reach the limelight within such a short period after establishment.

We are located within the heart of the capital, Colombo and easily reachable. We have implemented Unconventional Tourism Activities over the years. We differentiate ourselves by conceiving Innovative and Hassle Free solutions for your travel plans on behalf of the client.

Our Management

Mr. Sumith Samarasinghe

Is indeed a personality of much repute and importance in the Travel & Tour Industry of Sri Lanka with years of experience. Managing the office located in Toronto, Canada. He is a character that cannot be spelled out in mere words for his experience in his personal travel around the globe has given him the knack in the business. On the general leisure side of tours, his aim is to enhance the present trend in tours to a more lucrative client favored economical tours to all parts of the globe. A pleasant person, who has to his credit a personality best in handling situations with ease.

Mr. Imthiyaz Razack
Managing Director

A very accomplished and seasoned travels & tours expert in the local industry. He is located in our Colombo Office. His ability to handle operations with a clear cut vision and achieves a goal, has brought him to success in the capacity as managing director of the Company. He is an individual with tremendous amount of success behind his period of services in handling all aspects of the trade. His is an amiable and pleasing character full of innovative scopes to improve the company and render many services to all communities of Sri Lanka.

Mr. Shiraz Sideek
Finance Director

He has years of experience in finance and management. He is Located in the UAE and functions as a pivot for our Middle East market. With having the ability of holding major in Business Applications & Finance, he has taken steps to create a difference in the travel trade of Sri Lanka. His inputs towards implementing industry standard methodologies within the company has empowered an able bodied team to provide the outmost quality of service to our clients.

Our Mission

Offering our service with unforgettable memories and serendipity experience to each and every customer.

Our Vision

To be the most desired destination management service provider in terms of customer orientation/social responsibility and the country.Reaching the pinnacle in Quality & Achievement is our Primary Goal.